Looking for someone to team up with: Project Avalanche (Lets share some ideas!) (Download)

UPDATE: I have now added many menu options and improvements, and a fully voice acted tutorial level to the game! I am working hard on this and added a lot by the day. If you would like to contribute with ideas. Drop me a DM. or add me on Skype: cjsavage56 or

Hello, my name is Charlie by the way. This game was made entirely by me, even the animations and most models. I am a lone wolf as of now!

I would love some feedback or tips.

Here is a video:

Here is the download link: Project Avalanche(READ ME)

Look pretty cool !

I would suggest you work on lighting and materials :slight_smile:

for the cube I would add slimy kind of material similar to the water material that comes with the starter pack :slight_smile:
maybe add points ? collecting points on the way would seem like a good idea… what to use them for ? well what about skins and boosts
add a particle for then the slimy thing lands on the floor, add some waves to the lava :slight_smile:

Its a pretty good game, all it needs is better visuals and some work on scores and such things but its nice !
good job :slight_smile:

Thanks, i am currently working on a scoreboard in which will link up with a rewards system for unlockables! After the base gameplay is done i will focus on graphics