looking for someone to optimize a VR music video

We have a nearly completed 9 minute music “video” made in Unreal by an artist new to the engine, and so while it’s very impressive it does have a fair bit of lag still, and it’s too aliased in sections. It’s going to be a free download on Steam, and hopefully Oculus Home as well, so we don’t have a big budget but I can send a link to the current build and if someone thinks they’d be able to get it running smoothly on a min spec VR machine then we can offer $200.

I assume there’s a few easy ways to reduce draw calls, simplify lighting, and probably some more advanced techniques that could help a lot although I’m not sure how labour intensive these things are. The artist could rework things based on suggestions as well. Overall I believe the polycount is well within the range of UE4 VR experiences I’ve tried in the past.

PM me if you have any questions.


It this a “video” or an interactive walk through? Videos dont have draw call times they are rendered to disk ahead of time and played back in a 360 video player. Is this a free roaming camera?