Looking for someone to make a custom ocean material.

Hi I’m looking for someone who can make an ocean material for our game. I know there are some free ones out there, but they don’t match the aesthetic of our game and I personally have no idea how to edit it as such. We will pay you for the shader, we’re an indie project so we can’t pay a crazy amount, but name your price and we’ll see what we can do (be fair depending on if you made it from scratch or if you used one as a base and then edited it. The aesthetic we are looking for is a, bright cartoony blue color, with subtle waves.
If you already have a shader like this, name your price and we’ll buy it.

We’re looking for something like this


Thanks very much for your time. Please send an email to with your price and the time you need!

Do you have any pictures of your current game? I am working on a shader now that works very similar to this… so, figured I would ask. Maybe once I complete it I can share it with ya for free