Looking for someone to join my team

I know its a long shot but I need some 1 who can team up with me to build a game which I think will take off the only problem is I don’t have a clue about unreal engine and how to use cc+ or blueprints and don’t have the money but I believe if we get started we could get founding from mega games

So… what game are we making? What are you offering? You mentioned what you’re bad at. What are you good at then? Why do you think it will take off?

Hello! I see you answer often. Are you a site admin or a developer of an unreal engine?

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Judging by the badges, Everynone isn’t a staff member, developer, engine contributer, or moderator. Just a community giant.

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Nah, just a regular. I’m somewhat more active on Answer Hub.

How do you make the model move, just a model, not a blueprint, not a mesh, but a model? So that she has a polygonal colision. I want to make the ship move. But so that the player can move around the deck, stairs and enter the cabins.

Please post it as a separate thread, this one belongs to someone else and is completely unrelated to your question.

I already created a thread on this question but no one answered. I decided to ask directly.

If it’s been several days without an answer, BUMP the thread by posting a message in there - the update thread will then appear at the top of the list.

I had a quick look at your activity but can’t see anything that even remotely reminds of the things you’re asking about; sadly I don’t really have the time to dig deeper. You could have at least left a link…

Besides that, what you’re asking already works as is. Have a look at the 1st / 3rd person template * place the player on a moving platform and see that the collision works fine. If you have something more specific in mind, do tell. But in a separate thread, please.

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