Looking for someone to help me set up my characters and ai

I recently bought an asset from the marketplace called Complete RPG. My characters are flat 3d characters which use their own 3d animations. I’m quite new to programming and I was trying to swap out the asset’s animations to my own but ran into some problems of setting up my character. The problem I am having is related to data tables and enums that the asset demo character used which heavily relied on a normal 3d character which my flat 3d character aren’t like. So now I am deciding to just create a whole new combat system using some of the current blueprint code setup but I lack the knowledge to do so.

The combat I’m looking for in the game is something similar to that of a side-scroller beat em up. The game I am creating is an RPG so it isn’t a straight beat em up game. Only the combat is like this.

So what I want is to have someone edit the current character blueprint and edit the current character animation blueprint and create a beat em up combat system without messing up the blueprint code for other things. (Which should be quite easy to locate as the character blueprint has a noted section where the current combat and movement programming is at.) I am also looking for someone to edit the current ai behavior system for allies and enemies. I like for the ai ally to be able to be controlled by the player. Meaning like the player can switch to this ally. This ally will have his or her own inventory, equipment. ect.
This is what I’m looking for.

Character blueprint/animation blueprint:

1: Edit current character blueprint/animation blueprint (any other assets if need be) to set up a beat em combat system using below animations.

  1. Create an enemy/ally ai the attacks or helps/follow the player using the below animations. The ally ai can be switched to be player if it is a main character. (Like a boolean check)

These are the animations that I have created.

Take Damage
Combat- ExitStance
Combat- Jump Start
Combat- Jump Air
Combat- Jump Finish
Combat_ Jump Attack
Combat-Jump Damaged
Combat- Jump Guard
Combat-Jump Exit Guard
Combat- Take Damage
Combat-Block Start
Combat- Block Reflect
Combat- Block Finish
Combat- CrowdControl Start
Combat- CrowdControl Channel
Combat- CrowdControl Recover
Combat –Falldown
Combat GetBackUp
Combat- Basic Attack
Combat- Basic Attack 2
Combat- Heavy Attack
Combat- Special
Combat- Use Item Start
Combat- Use Item Finish
Combat- Throw Item
Combat-Crouch Start
Combat-Crouch Block Start
Combat – Crouch Block Reflect
Combat – Crouch Block Exit
Combat – Crouch Attack
Combat – Crouch Finish

Please message me or email me at if interested and tell me how much you would like to get paid for this.

You can ask me questions. I’d rather have someone who knows how to code better than me to set up this combat system.