Looking for someone knowledgeable in Blueprints to help finish blueprint Vehicle

I am currently making a boat vehicle using methods similar to how the 4W Vehicle works, but all in blueprint. I believe that my current implementation of line tracing for the wheels is adequate, but I need help with using an array to limit what the linetrace hits, and I need help making the physics constraint components work properly (currently, they just make my boat spin and fly off into the distance at great speed). Overall, I think my boat vehicle is 75% done, so these are the last two issues I am having trouble with. If you are interested, either leave a message here or contact me at

Bit off topic. When you use physics you cannot update location or speed directly, those actions will result in that weird spinning.
Another cause of it is when constrain fights any collision that pushes in direction that is not allowed.

Hhhmmm, the issue is probably that I’m changing the location then. If that is the case, then how do Epic’s vehicles do it? Is there an alternative that isn’t addforce?

I emailed you.