Looking for Someone Good with Unreal Materials and Some Blueprint + Patreon Revenue Opportunity

We’re building a team from scratch, as such we’re looking for like-minded individuals who wish to step into the gaming industry and make a name for themselves. The project in question is a learning experience, aimed at propelling all of our skills and readying a fully functional game engine ready for full-scale development.

We are taking this project with the utmost seriousness and with 100% dedication. It will also serve as the baseline for future projects. If all goes well, the dream is to pitch this unique product to a certain company, but the core goal is to have a fully functioning, well-educated team and engine ready for the big project to follow this one. I know this is a relatively vague, but we want to keep this under wraps for very specific reasons. Anybody interested?

We have 12 members on the team with 2 concept artist, 4 programmers(1 is an intern,) 2 musicians, 1 texture artist and 4 3D modelers. I can’t really give details about the project because it’s kind of private and well… this is a public post. I’ll give more info about the project when you contact me via email(tomoyahamasaki@gmail.com) or Discord(our server Discord) – you can simply message me on Discord by right clicking my name under “Creative Director” (Tomoya Hamasaki) and click “Message.” I will fill you in on what to do next and move from there.


Somebody that is familiar with Unreal’s materials workflow (perhaps advanced or moderately good at it.) Maybe have a little blueprint knowledge to implement things like material based dynamic grass that moves when a player walks in it.

Somebody who’s good with particle

Somebody who’s good with physics

More C++ programmers and blueprint gurus would be nice

This should be a great opportunity for anybody to join for learning experience and to make a name for themselves. It’s also great because we have a strong fanbase. If you are interested, please contact me. Thank you ~Tomoya Hamasaki