Looking For Somebody Who Is Familiar With Skyrim Bodymodels


I am looking for somebody who is experienced with Skyrim Modding. What I need done is a collection of male and female free Skyrim bodies, fitting clothes and animations. There is a lot of stuff out there that is free, other stuff may be negotiable with the author on a case by case basis, but my understanding is that there are many assets out there that can be used free for anything.

I am fairly capable in basic 3DS but I don’t have the time to get up to speed with the whole Skyrim modding pipeline, so I am looking for somebody who can do this for me, collect the models, import them into 3DS, make sure they have the proper morph channels, collect clothes, make them fit the bodies with the proper morph channels and also collect animations and import them.

Basically the endresult should be a morphable body in 3DS with fitting clothes and a number of animations, all in 3DS ready to be exported to FBX.

I can’t pay huge amounts of money but I can guarantee a certain payment every month until the project is finished. The exact conditions would have to be negotiated 1:1.

Is this related to an Unreal Engine 4 project? It’s illegal to port Skyrim assets to a different engine as it breaks the EULA and a lot of free body mods out there use Skyrim meshes as a base. Can you provide more info about which models you want to use and how you plan to use them after 3DsMax?

It is perfectly legal to port or use FREE mod assets done for skyrim. Most Skyrim modders reacted with anger to idea of selling mods, so you have big chances of getting permission to use them elsewhere (if you can communicate or find author). There are plenty of models floating around, sad part is that most are not so work safe. Year or two ago i have seen skyrim dragon ported to UDK, there was also short explanation about how to do it. Cannot find that again, but it was quite easy to do.

There are tutorials about how to export models with animation out of skyrim. And importing it to unreal also has good tutorials.

Just make sure to ask for permissions to use those mod community models, most authors are Japanese, but their models circle around Mamillaphobia which is so popular disease in US.

Just afterthought. Skyrim models are somewhere between UT2004 and UT3 polycount, they will require at least new normal maps and textures to look decent in ut4.

If the FREE mod assets were made using Skyrim assets (which is common) or are just a repackaging of Skyrim assets, then no it’s not legal. That’s why I asked which models he’s wanting to port because it does make a difference and any modder who might take this job should know that. (<- veteran mod author)

If the free models, clothes, skeleton, and anims are 100% custom made by a modder then yes it would be fine to port them with permission. In which case, might be worth asking the author for the source files which would import to 3DsMax easily. :slight_smile:

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