Looking for somebody too help me with easy project. I will pay cash.


I am looking for a person to help me for maybe a few hours or days or maybe weeks. I started working on something over the last year and I have been able to get my projects to the point of impressing customers. I am actually not packaging anything into a project but I’m just building scenes on unreal with scans I made and imported models for construction purposes. I then share my computer screen at meetings and we make changes as we go as well ■■■ a few more tricks I have figured out myself along the way. I could really use some help with my multiple ideas I have flowing through my head to make things so much better, effective and I hope more marketable. I can pay cash hourly and see if there is much anyone can do for me. If so I could see paying thousands for what might be the easiest little job you do lol. There will be more details to follow for anyone not too busy and might have lots of scene or 3d scanning/ photogrammetry experience. Maybe someone who has some construction background who shares the same vision as me would be nice but defiantly is not an asset.

Thank you
Cory Wallace