Looking for some variables!


i am working on various mods at the moment. On a lot of them i am stuck because of missing variables. Here is a compiled list what i am looking for:

  • Player name: Not the steam name, the actual character name. The “Player Name” from the status component seems to return the steam name, “Descriptive Name” returns “PrimalCharacter”.

  • Tamed dino name: The one set by the player. “Descriptive Name” returns the default dino name.

  • The pin of structures: The pin number on structures that have pin support active.

  • Is structure powered: A way to check if a structure is powered or not. Can’t find anything. The function “Set Container Active” to turn on stuff switches regardless of power supply.

  • Max status values of players or dinos: The current max status values. The variable is exposed but throws a compiler warning. It return just the first value of the “supposed” array which seems to be health.

I am really new to ue4 and modding in general so if anyone knows how to access those things please let me know!

Did you try casting to ShooterCharacter instead of Primal Character to get the name?

When I was working on my player name it would come up blank in PrimalCharacter but is ShooterCharacter would give me the steam name for playername. But maybe descriptivename will do what you want on the ShooterCharacter. Let me know if it works.

Hey thx for you answer but i already tried getting the “DescriptiveName” from shootercharacter and playerpawn aswell, they all return “PrimalCharacter”.

For the array issue, sounds like you need to specify the index of the actual array value you want.


Yes but the problem with this is that the variable does not show up as array but as float in the graph editor(see the screenshot) so i can not use array nodes. The error message says it is an array but i can’t use it within blueprint. If you look in the player or dino status component it should in fact be an array.

isnt it meaning that its an array of floats? therefore you would have to select the index of the array that you want the infor for?

It’s not an array it appears as a single float variable, you can’t plug a single float into an array get node.

Got steam name somehow while working on my player list.



I am looking for some of these too! I am also trying to find where the data is stored on a dino that designates gender, color from color set, whether it has been tamed or not, and the owner of the tamed dino. Does anyone know where any of these are?

A solution I found is to use the “GetDescriptiveName” function then the “Split” function to take off “- Level X” then set the “DescriptiveName” variable to the new name.