Looking For Some Talent To Help Make My Game Com True! Can Buy Any Asset We need!

Hey guys! I recently downloaded Unreal Engine, and I purchased Generic Shooter (Because I want to make a Multiplayer FPS game) Also bought, Modern Weapons Pack, 100+ Camouflage Texture Pack, FPS Weapon Pack, Simple Wall Run (Want to be able to run on walls… For a limited time) Bought The Country Side enviroment pack… and Can continue to buy more! I just need some people that are experienced and can help me put the game together! I am wanting to buy soldier models from the marketplace and implement them over the characters that are in the template! If you guys are serious and know what you are doing! Leave me a message, reply below or add my skype : DustynWilliams97 (will show up as G9SLim)

I Messaged You On Skype.