Looking for some regular and underwater frame by frame captures

Im making a bunch of sprite sheets to use for SubUV particle setups in our game and I’m wondering if anyone has any links to pictures of both regular explosions and underwater explosions frame by frame?

Im starting with a 6x6 (36 frames) sheet of an underwater torpedo explosion so a water plume, some fire, lots of tiny debris vaporized and misted water everywhere.

Also going to be doing regular explosions, the starter content is a good reference but I like getting it as realistic as posssible.

Any links would be great I’ve been googleing all morning.

Or is there a tool that can take a video and split it up into its frames? That would be harder but more flexible cause I could use youtube videos. Heck if anyone could even find a youtube video of a bomb, mine, torpedo or something explosive exploding underwater, would be awesome.

Edit: I figured out how to get all the frames from a video outputted to .png with VLC just need to find some good videos now…