Looking for some people to collaborate with for fun :)

Hey, so I realised yesterday I don’t have enough friends who I can really share my creative interests with, so thought I’d post here.

I’m hoping to gather a few people who are interested in starting a project to experiment with, have fun with, and overall just take as a learning experience. Once there’s a few of us we’ll probably have a brainstorming session to decide what kind of project we want to work on, taking into accounts everyone’s interests (so nobody feels like they’re working for anyone else, and it’s just a collaborative project we can all enjoy), and then just start building a world together from there?

I’m mainly a digital sculptor, but I’ve dabbled in most game-development related skills. I don’t mind what skill level you are, or how much time you can or can’t commit, as long as you’re interested in contributing to the production, as I’m happy to fill in any areas if anyone feels they don’t have the expertees in that area.

So yeah, if you’re interested in getting together and collaborating on a project just to have some fun with it, let me know :slight_smile:

Accept my friend request on the epic games launcher and will talk

look forward to hearing from you…

I was just like you and participated in a couple of team ideas just like yours a while ago. Unfortunately they all became too big to make and I learned that is really hard to try to make a game everyone likes if people don’t have an understanding of what is a small scope. Therefore I started my own idea it follows the guidelines of what you said. It’s a learning experience with little time committed to it while including a small, achievable scope but its an already started idea. If you don’t get the team you are looking for you can join me just add me on skype: thefield_marshall