Looking for some learning material on basic procedural design

I am looking to learn in a more step by step, with detailed explanations to achieve things like what was in this video tutorial: Blueprint Essentials - 10 - Using Loops: Procedural Level Design (

The tutorial suffers from the too smart and experienced mistake a person does when the teacher assumes the student knows and is on the same level as he is: for example the typical explain the simple stuff, but give the complicated steps very little explanation. For example, at one point he takes the Get Actor Location Node and Feeds it into “Find Look at Rotation Node” and the decides to add the endpoint to the Get Actor location to which he feeds into the target node of Find Look at Rotation. Go to the 9 minute point and you will see how little attention is given to one of the most important parts.

If anyone can’t point me out to some tutorials whether video or written on Procedural level objects I would really appreciate it. Thanks!