looking for some info

I am working on a RPG concept and I want to try to make the prototype.
just a simple 3rd person squad (2 followers) and simple combat.

I have only ever used Unreal once years ago, is this program easy to learn and would this be easy to do?

simple bare bones RPG

It is relatively easy to learn each function but there are a lot of them. It depends a lot on your knowledge of the underlying field. As a somewhat experienced programmer the object model and blueprint system felt familiar to me. But if I had never done any programming it would probably been harder.

I can understand that.
I do have some limited experience with code language from modding a number of games in the past, though I do understand that this would be different.
I want to learn this, and I want to make my prototype, I just need to make sure that Unreal is the right one for me.

So what would I be looking at for this project?
Are there any Tutorials that would help me to make a RPG based game in a squad setting?

there’s probably loads of tutorials on youtube about how to go about making an rpg, if it’s just something simple probably wouldn’t take you more than a few months, with a bit of effort… if you are looking to make a fully fleshed out game, be prepared to spend lots of time learning new things, problem solving and fiddling around, your probably talking 2 to 3 years solo for a game. the blueprint system is easy to learn, but difficult to master, I would consider myself competent but even I don’t know what everything does yet, and I’ve been messing around with it since it first came out. but as I said, if your prepared to put in the effort and time needed a simple prototype is possibly achievable in three or four months, don’t expect it to be amazing though…

Thank you for the information.
my goal is just the prototype, as I have a good bit of documentation for the game its self, I just want to see what or where it could be taken wit things.
and have fun too of course.