Looking for some help on a survival game [PAID]

Hello! My name is Sean and I recently started using Unreal Engine 4 again after a while of not using it. I have come back into it wanting to make a survival game such as Rust as an example. I am no expert in c++ so making these things without c++ is kinda hard so I am looking for someone who I can contact via email, skype, etc. I am looking to hire someone who I can ask for help when needed so this isn’t a contract or full time nor part-time, It’s on a need basis.(Which may be quite frequent depending on what I’m currently doing).

So far, I’ve made a simple survival game, but I have come into a sector of which I have no knowledge of how to do. If you have ever played any survival game it mainly involves resource gathering. Mainly mining/cutting stone rocks or wood trees. I am looking for someone who could make these trees/rocks and make it so when you hit it simply mines the material and regenerates the rock/tree back in the same place over a set time.

This is just the main thing I am in need of at the moment. I have many future requests planned but I am working on this step-by-step as I am solo.

You will be paid for every piece of work you carry out!

(Sorry for the horrible thread, wrote this up as a rough draft.)


Quantify this? What is a piece of work? How do you value one piece of work versus another?

The pieces and prices, of course, are completely different, As an example, you could make an Inventory system in which I would pay you separately for, the value of these I’m not sure on as I haven’t had much experience on knowing what the prices of certain things are worth. The prices would be discussed with the person carrying out the work.

Since you mentioned you don’t have experience in the industry and don’t know the costs involved, make sure you get a few different quotes from different artists before jumping in.

It’s even better if you already havea GDD](Box) so you can plan for the amount of time per crafting system and know which one(s) you want to have in first. Unfortunately someone might try to take advantage of you not knowing a lot, give a lower quote and then not deliver. Just some friendly advice :slight_smile: It might be a good idea to have a few discussions to get a sense of the landscape.