Looking for some help getting started making a CTG/CCG app

i was wondering if anyone had any type of idea or resources that might help me a little on getting starting making a CCG. If any of you are familiar i am looking to make something similar to the topps card collectible games that are available on the app stores. I am reasonably experienced in unreal engine 4 and game maker studio and dabel in some other similar programs and cannot find any type of help or information about creating such a game …the only info i can find is on CCG’s or TCG’s if you will that have battling between players extensive rules etc …i just want a simple open packs for credits trade cards with other people type of game/app. Starting from scratch with out any type of nudge in the right direction though not impossible i feel with be very time consuming and as my coding is reasonable i still feel with out any guidance frustration is inevitable haha so thought i would ask around if anyone knows of some information or tutorials etc. Any help is much appreciated . Thank you

Will this be helpful?

ty heaps :smiley: