Looking for some guidance to create a Side Scrolling prototype.

Hi everyone! First post here so go easy on me :wink:

I am looking to create a Side Scroller prototype. I have looked at the BluePrint Side Scroller Template and the Ninja Swinging game Sidescroller showcase but haven’t been able to figure out how they get the side scrolling aspect to work with the character movement and camera work alongside a many other things I am wanting to learn.

I need some pointing in the right direction to learn more about creating a Side Scroller solely with BluePrint to create the gameplay I am wanting to test. It will be greatly appreciated if you fine folk could help me out with this journey!

**NOTE: **I am well aware this is an ambitious task but it’s something I am determined to create.

The Prototype I am wanting to create will be including the following features:

  • Procedural Generation/Endless Running with multiple paths.
    NOTE: The player will have full control of the character so they need to be able to go back and retrace their steps if they want.

  • Random Spawning Enemies: Here and there an enemy/obstacle will be spawned on one of the paths in front of them.

  • Character Movement: left to right movement with jumping and crouching/crawling. Player will have full control of character with no auto running.

  • Combat: Melee weapon and just a pistol for starters.

  • Camera Movement: The camera for now will be locked in one position on the player.

  • Horde/Death Wall Pursuing the player: I am wanting to have an enemy pursue the player at a constant speed but that speed will be affected by other factors.

  • Environmental Hazards/Benefits: Think of car alarms making the Horde/Death Wall move faster and things like Mud to make the character move slower.

  • Pickups/Stamina Bar: Supplies for the player to pick up to craft traps and stay alive by keeping their stamina up. With that said there will be a stamina bar that when it reaches a certain point will make the character move slower.

  • On the Go Crafting: As suggested above if the player gets enough supplies they will be able to craft a trap/weapon. Mainly just need a menu pop up and a short animation.

I by no means am looking for an explanation for all of this. I am just looking for some guidance as to where I should look to learn about these features on my own so I can implement them. On my own I am having trouble finding the correct tutorials and documentation to learn all of this so any help pointing me in the right direction would be awesome!

Tutorials, Documentation, Examples of some blueprints. Anything! I will take all forms of help and be very grateful for it.

Did you find anything good on this?