Looking for some BluePrint Programmers and Anyone Interested in Creating a For Profit Game

The video attached has few samples of characters I have modeled, texted and animated in Maya. There are more and obviously more animations. I have finished all the character animations and models only for the prototype build. There will be more needed later on. I just hope it gives you an idea of what the character style is going to be like.

So I’m new to Unreal Engine and new to the Unreal Engine blueprint system as I can only do the basics right now. I thought I could learn the blueprint system as I went on with production for my game but realized that it would take too long for me to learn the blueprint system and try to finish this game at a reasonable time. I do plan to learn how to blueprint better but sometimes I need to focus more on my strengths.

The style of this game is a fighter, survival, and crafting/management. Picture street fighter/state of decay/paper mario. Maybe some Marvel since the main characters aren’t normal humans lol. In a fantasy made up city in the United States, a great incident occurred. Creating havoc in this city, unleashing strange blue creatures throughout city killing many citizens. Citizen too are turning into blue synthetic/organic blue monsters. The main characters are part of a Government team called Zulu Squad. Zulu squad are humans who were former vigilantes with special abilities or great fighters. (More is explained in the story of the game I’m keeping it cut and dry.) Their task is to find the cause of the problem and neutralize the source of where the monsters are coming from before the problem spreads outside of the city. This city is surrounded by military and guarded heavily. Citizens who mange to flee the city are greeted by the military and are evaluated to make sure they are in stable health and not infected with whatever is spreading in the city. Citizens who don’t follow procedures are met with violence and death. Due to these mandatory checkups, many citizens are stuck at the edge of the city in a massive line of people. Well you get the point there will be many situations where the story gets dark and serious but of course it won’t always be like that.

I want “Safe Zones” to have a third person style gameplay movement where the player can chat with members of the group, survivors, buy items, and manage survivors. Learn more about the story ect. Areas where there is fighting will have a 2.5D style side scroller beat em up style of game play where players fight enemies, go into buildings, find items, talk with survivors and ect. Fighting areas will be blocks or streets in the city, as the player slowly progresses towards the main objective the enemies will get higher in level. Some streets are blocked with debris so the player must take another route. There is level progression that can help with your health, melee damage, ability damage, run speed, defense. A certain number of items can be equipped that provides stats towards melee damage, ability damage, defense, health, energy, speed. These items can be crafted from materials/scrap found in the city, or bought in a shop in the safe zone. Lower tier items can be crafted into a higher tier with the correct item hierarchy similar to League of Legends items. Throughout the land you can search for scrap, food and water supplies, and money. Fighting levels will be a 2.5d side scroller beat em up with items hidden throughout. You can enter buildings, go underground ect. A map will be used and will have fog of war over areas you never been. Safe Zone areas will be most of the time in a 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] person setting like Paper Mario where you will be able to interact with other characters and learn about their story, buy or sell from vendors, gain side missions.

This game will have a State of Decay style of world where if your character dies, he or she is dead for good and you must continue the story with another character. You can change a character at any time. All main characters will have a unique story plus dialogue with other main characters. You can recruit citizens as well to join you and help you out by providing a place to set up shop in safe areas or be a playable character. However, citizen characters will lack a lot of combat abilities, are weaker, and their storyline will be very basic and vague to fit all random citizen characters. You can recruit citizens if you have enough food/water supply. The more people you recruit the lower that number gets. The people and inactive main characters will follow you from safe zone to safe zone but not in combat areas unless you have paid them food to fight alongside you. If a citizen is a vendor and they are killed, you can loss that vendor. Vendors sell items, special boosts, and other stuff. The player will decide how and where to move everyone he has recruited or saved from safe zone to safe zone. Choices can have good or very bad outcomes. The goal of this game is to save as many citizens as possible while heading towards the epicenter of the cause of the problem. Citizens/Main NPCs who can be saved is up to the player. As time progresses the harder the monsters become. Food does carry over from player to player, but items, stats, levels, and money, do not. There will be a place to store money like a bank if a player finds a banker. The player can switch from character to character at any point in the game however this can only be done is safe zones. If a character the player is playing dies, all the companions that were with the dead character will automatically be brought back to the safe area or event start area. Regular NPCs will be the vendors or merchants or traders, not playable citizens.

I plan to do a kickstarter for this game but before the game can go on a kickstarter the prototype must be completed. The prototype will not contain the main story just yet but kind of a sandbox style of gameplay where the game can stand on its own if you know what I’m saying.

There is more to this but that is mainly more blueprint based stuff. I’m hoping this isn’t too ambitious for a first game. My main focus is the story for each main character in the game. I want the player to really try hard not to have their characters die because they love them. I want them to feel attached to the characters in the game.

If you are interested send me an email at [EMAIL=“”]

Send me your portfolio as well. I really want to make this game great but I really want to find experienced folks out there to help out with ideas for the gameplay. =D

What I will be doing for this game is character animation, character model, character textures, writing, some level design, some backgrounds, and basic blueprints like turning on a light lol.

Payment will be contract royalty based. The royalty sub amount (balance) will depend on how much you helped with the game.