Looking for some beta testers for a game

Hello, I am releasing a small game this summer, and would like to get some outside opinions and testing for different machines for it.

The job is not paid, but I am not asking much from the testers; just play the game casually for an hour or so, and fill a small survey.
You will get the gamekey for final game, my gratitude, and your name/nickname in the credits, if you want so.

Note that the game is in phase that I am not going to do any major changes to it anymore, so unfortunately I cannot listen to big creative ideas about “hey make a stage where you do this or this” etc, since I cant prolong the schedule forever for this. So testing is more about finding bugs, performance, and of course if game is too hard to understand, in which case I will have to make it more accessable. If small ideas are not too time demanding and sound fun, of course I will concider adding those though.

I have the trailer out for it probably next week, and first beta released about the same time.

Oh, and game style? I guess it falls into “casual”, “indie”, “meme”, “humor” categories, but Ive spent time to make it look better than an avarage cheap-o Steam game.