Looking for small team for Dark Fantasy ARPG - Writer, Animators

Hi, thank you for your time.

We are looking to put together a small team of talented people to begin development on a dark fantasy ARPG - inspiration; Dead Space, SoulsBorne, Hellpoint.

Right now, looking for:
Writers - help conceptualize story and mechanics
2D, 3D Designers - help render environments & enemies

If you are interested please contact me.

How far does the game have progressed so far?
I’m interested to merge my ideas for my own game on an other engine to yours, it has been a bit slowed down due to school for most of us.
I’m Game designe, Pixel artist, Writer and Music composer on my project. The scenario and game mechanics are all well polished, but I always dreamed to realize it in 3D.
If I can join, I would like to lead ther story and game mechanics, music maybe.

Thank you,