Looking for Slave Labor

I’m just some never-had-a-single-friend recluse who’s lost twice with unrequited loves, looking for someone who will make my game for slave wages – exactly 100$ USD a month – and my payment method is through Paypal. Is this shady? ABSOLUTELY! Contact me and I will choose someone who seems trustworthy, who will show their progress of making the game by posting it on these exact forums (I will not give you my email because I’m not stupid.)

To boot, I only communicate via forums, and private messaging, and I do not use fancy teeny-bopper services like Skype or Discord, as I’m stuck in a rut, falling behind the times whilst simultaneously living underneath a rock. I still use an out-of-date operating system, which I use to browse the internet where I can watch Japanimation for free. I want to get this game completed before my computer dies, and when my computer does die, that will be the last time I use a computer, 'cause I don’t plan on getting a new one, as technology just isn’t my thing.

I do not plan on profiting off of this game either, as it’s meant to be a free to download and free to play game.

I’ve survived a stroke and a heart attack in the past, and survived two s.uicide attempts, and feel like now’s about the time that I want my game to be made before I flip belly-side up.

As for your reward for reading this topic, here’s a link to beautiful music: Main Theme Of Final Fantasy Vii (final Fantasy Vii) - YouTube

In this game you can form a gang, and other players can join your gang by making a pact. A gang’s maximum limit of players is eight, and a gang can plant a flag in the ground as long as there is not another flag within its vicinity. Your flag will increase all of your stats by 1 point. Players who are not part of a gang, or who are part of a rival gang, can destroy other players’ flag. Players who are bound together in a gang cannot harm each other. The pact lasts several hours, and can be renewed at any given time. All this creates war for territorial dominance.

The bagspace is only four slots, so that players can’t hoard equipment.

The whole point of the game is getting powerful equipment and then battling other players. I deem the name of this game, “WARPATH.”

DO NOT LISTEN TO THE NON-BELIEVERS, this is a great game, and deserves to be made!

Now here is the graph that explains what the game is all about:


Thanks mate it was fun

This is how things work when you’re an Expert Orchestral Music Composer and Producer:

Companies will come/answer, and tell you:
"We’re very impressed with your Resume/Experience, so…
Look I want you to build a Gothic CATHEDRAL… in about… Three Weeks??
And I will pay you: One Peanut, and a Grain of Rice… Deal??

You must understand that we’re a Start-Up,
we don’t have the means to retribute you properly,
hence you will have to work for us pretty much illegally, because with the scarce Peanut-money we’re gonna give you, you will never be able to even declare your earnings, or do pretty much anything else other than die of Malnourishment…

So yeah, you have to basically be our Slave,
and work for us for Free in one of the most Complex and Energy/Time Demanding fields that Exist…"

And I as a Composer/Producer need to say Yes,
and go and dedicate/sacrifice Months and Months, if not Years of my life,
working Full Time in whatever Ridiculous yet Megalomaniac project they’ve got in mind,
sitting in a chair grinding my brain, and fighting the highest technical and creative difficulties ever, in a rush, and in exchange for basically Nothing…

Because yeah, they’re a Start-Up!
They’re just beginning, but that doesn’t stop them from pretending to make in 6 months a Complete and Perfect 3D Online MMORPG with Fantasy and Sci-fi thematic, with which they will basically Conquer the World, and which people will promptly buy and make them billionaires like in no-time.

But don’t worry, because even tho they’re total Noobs without any experience,
they have Studied a $hit-course in a modern Videogame-design School/Academy…
And now after one year? they’re absolute EXPERTS and MOGULS of the Videogame creation field… :rofl:

And ALAS → ALL of this is 100% TRUE:sweat_smile: :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:
And that’s if you’re LUCKY!

-And also the sad thing is, this doesn’t only happen/apply to noobs and Start-Ups,
but also with real BIG International consolidated Companies which are supposed to have more experience/understanding of how things really work…

(For not mentioning the very expensive investment one needs have done,
or do for having all the necessary equipment/means…
We’re talking about a nice 8/16 core PC with 32-64GB Ram, a Pro-Audio Interface and Pro-Monitoring gear like Headphones/Monitors, a nice Keayboard/Instruments, and a Mountain of Audio Software and super Expensive state-of-the art Realist instrument Libraries…
and that’s thousands and Thousands of €/$ of investment…

Or the years and years of experience and total Dedication that becoming a Proper Orchestral Music Composer and Producer requires…
First one needs to dedicate at least 10 years of constant Study and Dedication, in order to become an Expert in Music Theory/Harmony, and be proficient/cultured enough as a musician with your instrument, normally Piano/Guitar.
And then maybe 5-10 years more of experience Composing/Producing Soundtracks,
and learning/mastering all the technical matters that Music and Audio Production involve/require. You’ll ever hardy find a Composer/Producer Worth its Name who’s not in his late 20’s or early-mid 30’s)


But, but, but… you’re gonna get exposure! Did you enquire whether the local grocery store accepts Doge Coins and Internet Exposure Tokens?

Original thread:

@Zogzor My advice to you, take it or leave it:

  • rethink the attitude towards people, you’re alienating them
  • folks will go extra miles to help you, for free, out of kindness of their heart, out of boredom, out of whatever reason they deem sensible. That first bullet point, though…
  • what are you offering apart from the idea? ideas are worthless without the means to execute them - that’s unless you’re willing to sink 100k+ into it and it’s not your first rodeo to boot
  • do read up on GDD creation, your slide is not even a pitch :frowning: It’s nowhere nearly what you can get away with in a game design document these days. How does it compare to the GDDs of games whose design you berate?

I believe that in one of your threads it was mentioned the game already exists but in another engine; that you made it, that it is playable, was tested (in multiplayer?) and, most importantly, was fun!

Now, this is massive and very impressive all of a sudden. I’d lead with that. If it’s a matter of translating an existing product into another engine, it will be an order of magnitude easier to attract attention.

Can we see the game? Is there a YT vid?

edit: you said Tabletop game, my bad. Still, I’d be chuffed having a solid, proven base and turning it digital. Gloomhaven managed to pull it off, recently. The board game is fantastically well designed (if you like taking it slow and methodical) and the digital version reflects it well!


so this started as funny then it got really sad.
i am not sure if you are a troll or for real but… this should be used as material to study in psychology.
really interesting case study, you know if you are into psychology.

Well… I’m not lying bro,
I’ve been in this biz for 8+ years, and worked with Big and small Companies/devs all over the world.

I’ve contacted 10’s of Thousands of Companies/Devs, and talked/negotiated with Hundreds of them…

And I’m telling you, +90% of the time this is how things go/work,
and that’s if you’re Lucky, and they answer/contact you in the first place…

Oh Excllent, that’s very so Generous!!

It’s lucky because my rent alone costs me 800 units of Exposure/month… :sweat_smile:

Lacks some keywords : “MMORPG” “Jetpacks and dinosaurs with lasers” “I am idea man”
Other than that i would join if i had time.


i was replying to the op.

but i’m sure its pretty bad as a freelancer in any profession.

Wait… this is not a satiric job post? For real?

Nah, it’s all serious and stuff.

And that exactly is saddest part of op.

Omg this is so good! Im ready to be your slave even in a bigger project! Lets create WoW killer mega MMORPG P.s. or just post a link to your Stand Up Im sure its great too