Looking For SKilled Lighter and Material Artist

Hey All;

So I’m back working at my old studio I used to work at for a short stay. The boss says he is curious about getting into unreal at the studio. So here I am.
Is there anyone out there that is kind of a jack of all trades that specializes in lighting and materials?
Basically the person would need to be here for a few months to grab assets from the movie pipeline and try to render things out in unreal. Most things would be alembics and pbr stuff.
This is for Marvel projects so kinda need to be proper senior level skill.
Anywho. I just figured to ask here first instead of the usual places because you all have helped me so much in the past.
Gimme a poke at [EMAIL=“”]
I can’t promise anything apart from getting nice demos into the right hands and keeping my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Hey Lenny, so you’d need someone onsite or by “be here for a few months” that could be remote? Cheers!

Heyo Good Sir;
Sadly it would have to be in house in Santa Monica. All the projects are Marvel stuff, Disney owned, so its basically more heavily guarded than nuclear codes lol. But if someone is good enough they are normally willing to fork over the cash to make it worth it.