Looking for skilled 3d character sculpter for the VIVE game -Runes:the forgotten path-

Stormborn Studio, an italian indie gorup focussed on VR with HTC Vive is looking for a talented character artist freelancer for the realizzation of a fantasy character asset: body, cloth, good amount of details, face beard and hair. This is a draft:


You can see some video (it’s a little bit outdated now…) about the game concept here: Runes: the forgotten path - YouTube
and our team (also in a little bit different formation) here: http://youtu.be/VYW47UP1Noc

  • We would love to see a portfolio with some face and body (with cloth) works and have a general idea of the money request for the work
  • We will provide more detailed concept for the character and a regular work contract
  • We will prefer italian artist and / or artists willing to work in the future with us

please contact us at giacomo.lucchini@stormbornstudio.com
Thank you!