Looking for serious and steady team mates for indie games

Hi guys !

I’m looking for serious and steady team mates for various UE4 projects based on royaly.

Why this thread ?
Because its realy hard to find good team mates and work seriously on some projects when nobody get paid during the devlopement.
Also i want a solid core of members for the Shin-Kaneda Team and become a Studio later.

More details about why there Looking for COLLABORATION BETWEEN TEAM to achieve GAMES and talk about it SOLO are welcome too ! - Job Offerings - Unreal Engine Forums!

Indie Games Projects in progress :

Others projects are allready planed and some professionals will join us with paid contracts,
but here i’m looking for team mates who really want to work for royalties and beleive in these projects ideas from the begining.
We are more looking for fundators than oportunists.

Requierements are :

  • Minimum age 20 years old.
  • Free from any obligations like other contracts, too busy with work or children, etc…
  • Plenty motivated, involved, serious, steady, polite, open mind, trustable, etc that make sense.
  • Reactivity, be able to answer quick as possible to messages, inform your team mates, finish what you have started, etc…
  • Agree to follow the plan, participate and give new ideas.
  • You have Skype and audio ready, agree to use trello and other tools related for organisation and planification like Google Calendar.

We need experimented team mates, only the best will’be selected after Skype audio interview.
So if you are really motivated and interested to join us, please copy and paste this template with your detailed informations on thisnthread.

**Name: **Jonny Walker (use link to link to your forum profile)
**Location: **Your country
**Portfolio: **link of your previous works

**My skills:** UE4: BP 3/5, Network 2/5, Shadering 1/5, etc... 
**My best skill is: **modeling poney with blender 3D
**Graphics or other category:** 3D Modeler 4/5, Rigging 2/5, etc... 
if you have an other category skills add it with your level of mastering ?/5
**Softs: **Maya 4/5, Zbrush 2/5, etc...
**Participation: **i can invest 50$ into assets, servers, etc..
**Time: **i can dedicate 15hours per week, my country time is gmt +1, im generaly available in week from 7pm to 11pm

Please don’t open an additional thread for your project, if you wish to add something, post in that thread.