Looking for Senior Unreal Developer

The following job offer is for a remote offer with a job security of minimum 1 year.

Preferably full time.

As an Unreal Developer on our still small team, you will have a variety of responsibilities working on various projects, including:

  • Building game systems and features on C++ and Blueprints
  • Collaborating with our art department to integrate characters, environments and assets into our game
  • Collaborating with our Solana developer to integrate the game with the Solana Blockchain
  • Working on networking code to interface with REST/GraphQL backends that contain supporting game logic

This is a general programmer role, so tasks will involve things ranging from, but not limited to: Simple and complex AI, UI, cinematics, optimization, engine functionality, particle effects integration, sound integration, and general gameplay mechanics.

Some skills you are required to have to fit this role:

  • 3+ years of experience with UE4 game development
  • Working in a team that shipped at least one commercial game successfully
  • Working knowledge of the content creation tools and processes involved in real-time 3D asset production

Email :
Discord : MPovolotski#0479

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