Looking for really talented people

If you are really talented and are looking for a really cool project to be a part of, then keep reading!!!

Toyetic Concepts LLC is looking for someone to come along side us and help us get our Super hero fighting game up and going. We’re looking to put together a demo or a proof of concept for (which I will share with you a bit later). Toyetic has connected with the following companies which will help us limit the risk to our future investors.

Companies like Game Stop, a huge retail distributer who has over “8000+ stores,” over “35 million power up subscribers,” they are owners of the most popular gaming magazine in the video game industry called Game Informer, with over “6.7 million copies sold each month.” They have discussed giving us global distribution and advertising for our games. We also have 3rd party publishing rights with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

If you feel you can be a help to us in getting this started, we would be very willing to discuss some type of compensation once that option becomes available to us and /or after milestones have been met for the senior publishers Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.
The deal we have with Sony and Microsoft is that the game would be put in their digital stores for download once the game has been finished (we already have the developers kit from Xbox). **Game Stop **would provide the advertising and exposure in all of their stores should the game knock their socks off.

We have some of the major puzzle pieces in place, the challenge for us is putting together a working demo that investors can play. Oh did we not mention we have an interested investor? And a AAA developer to help take the game to finish (with an investors assistance of course). We have character assets available and are planning to use the unreal 4 engine for the game and we are willing to also provide the environments if need be.

Toyetic is looking for programmers, animators and a rigger BUT are willing to also look at** modelers, concept designers, character artist and designers, environments, marketing, game developers etc**., Because we are such a new company, we unfortunately don’t have the finances needed to get the game going. We are in need of some one who can help us find a creative way of getting this started. if you feel you can help and want a really cool project for your demo reel, class project or portfolio or Just want to be apart of a really cool start up, please send all demo reels, websites, and or enquires to my personal e-mail address deon.n@toyeticconcepts.com

Look forward to speaking to you soon.

Best Regards,
Deon Nuckols
Toyetic Concepts
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