Looking for props

I am a new Indie Developer and i was wondering where everyone gets their assets/props/materials. Do you guys get them from any website in particular (price is not an issue) , or do you make them yourself? And do i need to import them directly into Unreal Engine 4 or do i need to download another software to open it and then convert it? Please, share your knowledge with me. Any information/links would be much appreciated!

Both :stuck_out_tongue:

Turbosquid has a bunch of free models, as one example.

Many people create their own with Maya/Max/Blender etc.

Blender is capable of exporting any model as an .FBX

Those models shouldn’t be directly imported into the UE4, because they probably need a 2nd uv channel

there are problems in buying them, they will look like they are not from the same place, and many times you won’t get what you are looking for(many are not even for games), besides it will look like many other games.

so I recommend you learning how to build them yourself!!

to do so you will need any software that you can model,texture, etc…
also its best to export in fbx

softwares I recommend are maya, 3ds max or blender these will work together with photoshop,gimp and zbrush to create all you can image.

I use maya, zbrush and photoshop.

autodesk 3dsmax/maya are standard in the industry and zbrush has become really popular to bring the models to the next level.

places to learn:

digital tutors:

awesome game art forum:

Exactly what Fernandoz said.

Even if you buy some they are not ready for games in most cases. So you need to learn 3d app anyway. Blender recently is great, they improved a lot in last few years.