Looking for Proper World Machine Tiled Landscape Settings

Really hoping this my last post ever about this as I’ve been trying to get this right for some time now.

What I need to do:
-16km x 16km Tiled Landscape

Current Settings/Problems:
-Tiled Build Options
–Tile Resolution - 1009 x 1009
–Tiles per Side - 16 x 16
-Render Extents…
–Width/Height 16.144 km
–Resolution - 1009 x 1009 (Although I believe this resolution does not matter for tiled landscape)
-When imported into UE I end up with 257 levels which seems like it would be crazy getting the level streaming sorted out.

Do I have the wrong settings? Should I have a different Resolution and Tiles per side? Does just one of them need to be changed? Anything else need to be set?

I will greatly greatly appreciate the proper answers so I can finally move forward.

Other Info (if its important):
World Machine 2.3.7 Professional
UE 4.11
This is for an open world game roughly the same size if not slightly bigger than DayZ.
I have referred to this:
but I just don’t understand going off of that with World Machine.

perhaps this will help?

This is not helpful at all, has nothing to do with tiled landscapes.

Thanks for that but it still doesn’t help answer my question or maybe I wasn’t clear. From all the different things I’ve read or different tutorials I’ve watched they all give some different info that makes it all confusing.

From some different things I’ve read the amount of tiles and resolution would change the actual map size, is this correct?

I have read that many times but I think you may have cleared this up for, please let me know if I got this correct.

So If I want to do a 4k Res with 4x4 (16 levels) I would do 4033x4033 for my res and 2x2 tiles?

Or should be doing more like 1009x1009 with 8x8 tiles?

Really appreciate the help, how exactly are you getting the number for the res?

I think I understand now, we shall see. Thanks again!