Looking for programmers who like fantasy-games

Hi, my name is Simon, I’m a former video game journalist, and I’m looking for Unreal Engine 4-programmers who can help me make my dream project. It’s a mythologically inspired walking simulator in which you play as an Irish god. It’s about legends, wolves, druids and such, but I can’t say more than that right now. I wrote the pitch and will aspire to be the best game director/writer alive.

Here’s some of the pitch - there’s more where this came from, including the story!

The following is Simon’s and Skywolf Interactive’s (not a company yet) proposal for an original walking simulator playable on all PCs and laptops. The Hunting God is inspired by classical Irish/Celtic mythology and focuses on beautiful scenery, animals, legends, heroes and non-linear storytelling. As many games today substitute narrativity with excessively outrageous multiplayer-extravaganza, The Hunting God aspires to encompass everything that is thrilling, entertaining and emotionally resonating about a good, old-fashioned story with minimal distractions. This initial document will be expanded upon and modified once production begins.

Game Design - Overview:

The Hunting God is a walking simulator/fantasy-game wherein the player takes control of Nodens, the god of hunting and dogs in Irish mythology and attempts to guide him down a mountain on which he has fought a battle. The story and gameplay is seen through a 1. person perspective. The graphics will range from dark and brooding at nighttime to light and warming in the daytime. On the way down the mountain the player will come across certain objects and perhaps statues displaying certain scenes that will initiate the main character’s memories, and written and/or spoken dialogue will appear to tell the story of the game. The dialogue will be brief, though, as room should always be left for the player’s own interpretation of what is/has/will happen in the game. The game will end when the player reaches the bottom of the mountain, and the story is concluded with a small epilogue. The Hunting God is inspired by classic story-driven walking simulators like Drizzlepath, Proteus, Leviathan: The Old City and Dear Esther.

Art will be the first thing created, then a demo of the game or perhaps the first couple of minutes, then the dialogue and then the game itself. The reason that dialogue is written so late in the process is to not “box” the game in itself.

Best regards, Simon