Looking For Programmers For Third Person Shooter Project

We at SCOG games are developing a third person shooter game on Unreal Engine 4.

You can see the studio here:

The game is set in a world wide conspiracy where there is humans from the future secretly ruling the world.

We are looking for coders that can do c++. We have also already made significant progress in the games development and are ready to import models and a level map for the game. After they are imported the game will be put up on kickstarter and the prototype will be presented.

We are currently accepting volunteers and royalty.

It is required that you have a port folio or you wont be accepted.

It is required you have a quick communication such as Skype.

Explain why you want to join the group.

Thank you.

To join email us at

“The company you are trying to view is a private company for members only.”

Also there is small problem with programmers and portfolio. Programmers usually do not do it, it is not art where you can make picture of character you created and share it on internet.
I am working as programmer now, and i think if i did picture of my code and posted somewhere i could get fired quite fast.

So besides shooting what is your game about?

but you can do demo reels like this . No one is stopping you from making small demos, to show off :stuck_out_tongue: Making pictures of code, is useless imho :slight_smile: