Looking for Programmers, Artists, and Designers for an innovative shooting game!

Project Title:

Team Name:
Stanion Studios LLC.

Talent Required:
3D Environment Artist

  • Needed to create high quality models and textures for various objects in a map based on various real world and fictional locations.
  • Experience with implementing art assets in UE4 preferred.
  • Map design experience welcomed and appreciated!

C++ and UE4 Expert

  • We are looking for talented programmers with experience working in EU4 for projects for mobile and PC.
  • Experience with networking also appreciated.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

W00t, happy to see that we can fill all of those needs in one fell swoop. I’ll fire off an email now

[LFW UNPAID/PAID/CONTRACT] Tiago Morais Morgado - Sound Designer Looking for work

**Skillset(s):Technical **Sound Designer With a Focus on Sound Fx

  • 18 years in music industy.

Sound recoding, editing, mixing, and mastering skills

Advanced Knowledge of Ableton, Puredata, Csound, MaxMSP, MaxForlive, Supercollider, Sonic PI, ACtoolbox, PWGL, etc.

Basic Knowledge of C++ and GLSL and other programming languages; basic knowledge of mainstream game engines (Unity, Cryengine, Lumberyeard)

Basic Knowledge of Cinema 4d, After Effects, Quartz Composer, Processing, OpenFrameworks, Cinder

Can work with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Have knowledge of procedural and generative audio

Previous Work:




Phone: +351934446355


Additional Information:

  • Can Work from 9 am up to 11 pm London time
  • Can Work Remotely
  • Can Relocate
  • Can Speak Portuguese
  • Can Speak English
  • Can Speak Spanish
  • Know Some words of French
  • Know some words of Dutch
  • My machine doesn’t meet the specs of UE4. (That shouldn’t be a problem as long as there is footage and images of the game; I can make the assets someone can implement them


Comments welcome!

I can more than help you with your programming needs. I will send you an email, but feel free to check out my thread if you wish to see some prior experience.