Looking for Programmers, Artists, and Animators, for a near-release ready third person shooter!

Project Title:

Tideturn is a free to play third person shooter with influences from Halo, Splatoon, and Call of Duty. We are about to begin a massive development push of new content before we release, and are looking for passionate new talent to join our team!

Team Name:
Stanion Studios LLC.

Talent Required: As we are working on an upcoming release of the game, we are looking for experts with the passion and time to hit the ground running and work quickly to achieve something great with us.


  • We are refactoring some of our code to be used through the Gameplay Ability System plugin. Experience with this is a big plus!
  • Must have expertise working in Unreal engine on 3D games with multiplayer.
  • Must be able to dive into an established code-base and work quickly and cooperatively with other programmers on the team.
  • Experience with back-end (such as account management and micro-transactions) and hosting solutions such as Multiplay/Gamesparks is a huge plus!
  • Experience with Steam integration also preferred!

Map designer

  • Please be able to show maps that you have designed in the past!
  • Ability to model and texture assets as well as design greatly preferred!

3D Artist

  • Must be able to work within established lore and art style.
  • The game’s art style is similar to Valorant in terms of texturing aesthetic and the poly-count of the models. Artists must be comfortable working within this visual style.

2D Concept Artist/ Game Artist

  • Must be able to work within established lore and art style.
  • Must be comfortable drawing Humanoids as well as realistic and fantastical objects.
  • Must be able to work on in-game UI and HUD assets
  • Ability to animate or create “Live2D” style moving art preferred!

3D Animator

  • Must be comfortable working on the standard Epic humanoid rig, as well as with non-human characters and objects.

VFX Artist

  • Must be able to quickly make high quality particle effects and post-process visuals.
  • Must be comfortable making good looking water based effects, as there will be many.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: Lee.mcd3

Hi, I am a 3D artist and I am more than willing to work with, as for my qualification you can check my portfolio through this website:…vyvq#portfolio
Looking forward to working with you!