Looking for Programmer


I’m looking for friendly and talented Programmers who can help me finish my dreamproject.
Since two years I worked on the game Assets and I’m almost done. From a Story, Music,
level & animation perspective everything is ready to go. Now i just need someone helping me
putting all the dots together.

About the game


You play as the 17 years old teenager named Leyla. Since 1 week ago her little sister vanished,
which led to Leyla being extremly depressive. She tries to escape from reality with lucid dreaming
which ends up waking up in a childhospital. Extremly confused, faced with a gory und disgusting
childhospital, and left with alot of unanswered question and maybe a never ending nightmare.

**Inspiration **


It’s definetly inspired by old psychological horrorgames like Silent Hill for example.
I realy tried to copy the Silent Hill vybe in terms of sounddesign and visuals.

Some Core Designs:

  • Tankcontrols
  • fixed camera angles
  • few weapons and low ammunition
  • creepy enemydesigns
  • more sound than actual fights
  • a few small puzzles


If you’re interested until now, we can speak about money via E-Mail [EMAIL=“”]