Looking for Programmer


A first-person psychological horror game taking inspiration from films such as The Shining, Room 1408 & Jacobs Ladder. We’re trying to explore the darker side of the human psyche surrounding jealousy and family.


  • Psychological horror
  • Tense atmosphere.
  • PS2 era graphics
  • First person view point.

Team Name:

Freesphere Entertainment Ltd

Team Structure:

Mark Gregory
Project Management, Game, Level & Narrative Design - 7 years

Frankie Hobbins
2D & 3D Artist - 17 years

Peter Wicher
Sound & Music -

Hosein Mohamady
Technical Level Design - 2 years

John Vanderhoef
Writer & Narrative Designer -

Previous Work:

Visage - Visage on Steam

Tether -

VR Simulator -

Solarix - Solarix on Steam

De-Void - De-Void on Steam

UnderEarth - UnderEarth on Steam

Talent Required:

Gameplay & Systems Programmer

  • Ability to work in both blueprints & C++
  • Knowledge of AI & UMG.
  • Knowledge around PerForce a bonus.
  • An interest in crafting immersive experiences.


Skype: MGregory666

Please DM or Skype, currently having issues with studios website as we change web host.