Looking For Programmer/Tutor

Project Title:
Work In Progress

There is no created project yet. Description of mechanics and assets desired can be discussed in private.

To keep this short, I am an individual looking for somebody to help create or teach me the process of creating certain assets that I want in my game. I have example video games to pull from as well as descriptive interests of my own.

As the title suggests; I’m looking for a programmer. Be it with blueprint or with C++, it doesn’t matter although experience with both is a plus. Essentially you would be helping me learn to create, or create by yourself, mechanics for me. This has nothing to do with 3D modeling, or any artistic work at all. I’m looking for FUNCTIONALITY, and that’s it. I can discuss this more in private either through private messages on this forum, or through my email at: If you have a serious interest in this, please tell me the extent of your interest. Example: Interest in tutoring or interest in just creating functionality that I describe, or both, etc.

Payment can also be discussed and agreed upon privately.

What is your preferred time zone? And hours for tutoring sessions?

Well MY time zone is EST; and availability depends on the tutor, if we’re going that route. I work full time, Mon-Fri from 7am to 4:00pm EST. So hours after that or weekends would be the ideal.