Looking for programmer that can work with a voxel world plugin to help me build a game prototype

Hello everyone,

I am looking for someone that can help me, as the title says, build a prototype of a game I am working on. I am currently thinking of buying this plugin to make things easier but will need someone who has enough experience to work with it.

The project is a survival game with a world in which you can build/mine and explore and this plugin seems to be worth it.

If anyone is interested in helping me out, msg me on discord (scorpiologist#6070) or just pm me here.

Here are some things I have gotten done for the game (all uploaded into a source code on unreal):

1: first person
2: spider/scorpion hybrid
3: wolf
4: textures
I also have a complete UI concept, status bar and icons made and ready, just need them implemented.

thanks in advance