Looking for Programmer, Level Designer and Writer

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Hi! My name is Filipe and I’m a professional concept artist and illustrator.
I’ve been working in the games industry for over 5 years now and I’ve been a dedicated hobbyist of Unreal for the past 6.
I’ve worked on several projects in many different roles and in 2020 I decided to dedicate myself to developing my own rpg and build a team around it.

We want to build a very small team of 6 to 8 people to develop a demo for this idea. People that might be interested in working on an online rpg or maybe even an mmo if we find the necessary funding.

The idea behind the game is fairly complex, but we will be reducing down the scope of the project (for this demo) all the way to the bare basic features of the core loop. A procedural event driven persistent world that will influence a sandbox dynamic quests system.
Yes, we know this is ambitious and that’s why we need help from dedicated developers.

We want to create a sandbox world that really feels alive and where players have an impact on the world, its story and its characters - hopefully, one day, in a multiplayer grand scale.

--------------- Updated on Sep.15 2021
Current State of Development
We are currently doing a single-player demo to test out the base mechanics and premise of the game and we have already created most of its base systems. Right now we are implementing a Map Interface, polishing some of our AI and revamping our Combat Animations with custom made ones to accurately make the Combat System fit our design. We also need to polish/change our Movement, which is fairly basic.

More on our current development state will be added in the future.

Our Current Team
Me - Project Lead and Creative Director (Game Design, General Art, Management)
2 Programmers - One dealing with Combat and one dealing with most of the game’s systems
1 Level Artist - Environment Art and Level Design
1 Writer and 1 Music Composer / Audio Designer

What we’re currently looking for:

  • Programmer (C++ knowledge required)
  • Writer / Narrative Designer
  • 3D Artist (Character/Creature)
  • Concept Artist

Me on Discord: FilipePintoArt#6326
For any contact purposes, please use the discord provided or
Join our Discord server!

Thank you.

I decided to edit the original post to be more clear on our intentions. We want someone that is willing to give their free time:
2 to 4h a day, at least 4 days a week, hopefully also willing to spend some time on a 1 hour (possibly weekly) meeting.

This is our own commitment and our passion and we really want to turn this into a complete game.

Additionally, I added a bit of context to what the game is about in the original post. Hopefully that also clarifies a bit of what we’re trying to make.

Contact me on my Discord for more info.

Thank you

We’re still looking for one more programmer to join the team!


Added you on Discord!

Hey guys! Our game development is coming along nicely and in just a few days we’re going to make our first full test of our combat among the development team.
However we are still looking to add two new members (possibly three) to the team.

  • We’re looking for a third** programmer. **
    BP knowledge 100% required, C++ would be a fantastic plus!

  • We’re also looking for a **3D Artist or Generalist (2D and 3D). **
    We need someone to help model our characters and creatures while working together with our current 3D Artist.

  • And lastly, we’re looking for a Creative Writer to help with the Story as well as help define its progression within our game design.

Again, this is a strictly voluntary rev share/royalty project for the time being.
We are developing a very small proof of concept/demo and will be doing it for the next 6 months. If this interests you, feel free to contact me on Discord and join our Discord Community Server!

Have a great Sunday and stay safe.

bumping this.
Still looking for the positions in the previous post.


Currently Looking for:

  • 1 Programmer
  • Level Designer
  • Narrative Designer / Creative Writer

Could you please give us an update on the progress of the project via screenshots, video-links…?

I want to help you Leonsius#8638 discord Id

Hey! Sorry, only saw this now. We will have something to show very soon ( in a few weeks, possibly a month). We are still implementing a few more visuals to the game before releasing anything to the public.

Currently Looking For:

  • 1 Programmer
  • 1 Level Designer/Artist
  • Character Artist

Sent you a discord request, I’m interested in the level design part but i’d like to hear/know more about it.

i’m an 3D artist.
If you need help :smiley: :wave:

you can check my artstation here:

Hi. still need story writer? let me know, I’m available.

Post updated.
We’re currently looking for a programmer and a 3D Artist, plus one more addition to the Narrative Design to help speed things up. Links for our Discord is in the main post.