Looking for Programmer for one task (check inside for details)

Hello, so I am looking for a programmer, possibly someone who knows how to make modules or plugins or maybe even a blueprint. It’s something that seems to be missing from the editor which should already be there IMO. I am trying to have instanced foliage meshes converted to static meshes. First they are placed with the foliage painter, and then I want to be able to convert them as they are to static meshes. I believe it has something to do with the component used with the instanced foliage. So that’s all I am asking for and would be better if it was something modular that I could move from project to project easily. PM me here if you’re up to the task, thanks.

what’s the purpose?

It seems we can not use instanced foliage meshes when baking landscape LODs so they need converted to static meshes, that’s just how I see it unless there’s another way. This is of course with using Simplygon to bake proxy meshes into landscape LODs.

Hi, I can help you with it, contact me please:

Please show us the reference to this limitation. Another reason to convert ISM to Statics would be to support complex materials. Be warned converting ISM to Static meshes is going to significantly increase your draw calls and kill your framerate. This is why they’re instanced static meshes. If you can query all the instances then yes, they can be converted to just static meshes. The other approach would be to create a static mesh painter:) I’m developing one here for various mesh painting tasks, but the end game is to convert static clones to ISMs to maximize performance.