Looking for Programmer for Indie Action Game


My name is RJ Keates,

I am an art director developing a new indie game. This is currently in early pre-production.

The Job

  • I am looking for a programmer to help develop an indie game from start to release.
  • The time frame will be 6 months - 1 year of development.
  • **As the sole programmer you will need to implement all the programming including gameplay, UI, sound and localisation. The project can use some templates to make it faster. **

The Game

  • Visually the art style will be similar to Overwatch and Borderlands.
  • The game will be a third person action adventure game for PC and console.
  • **The game will include action combat, modular **puzzles and platforming.
  • The game will also have a linear RPG progression system. You character will learn new abilities and increase their stats however there will be minimal customization.
  • You will begin the game struggling to defeat a single enemy, however by the end you will be able to fight an entire army of 1-2 hundred enemies.
  • To achieve this we will start by making the maxed out character with full abilities and then tone it down until we find our starting point.


  • This work will be remote so I am looking for somebody with excellent communication skills and who is reliable. I cannot afford to switch programmers midway through production.
  • Action game experience is preferred.

Currently the pay would be United States Dollar $15 an hour. There will also be a bonus at release.

Production starts in January.

Please send me your resumes at [EMAIL=“”]

**Please include videos of games you have worked on. Without this it is very hard for me to judge a good fit.

My previous work:**

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