Looking for Programmer for Game Jam

Hello, I am speaking on behalf of my team as we are currently hoping for someone with some coding skills with Unreal to come and join us for the GJL Game Parade Fall 2021 We already have a couple of general artists doing 3D modelling/texturing/animating along with writer and musician we’re just missing a coder.

Using Unreal 4.27.1

More details on the jam here - GJL Game Parade Fall 2021 - itch.io

Feel free to comment on this thread or hit me up on discord - Lord Princess Crossburn#3400

Who you have in team, which version control app you plan to use (or how you update state of game beetwen members). And what timezones are you folks. I see this is kind of urgent, 1 day left until start.
Also exact unreal engine version.

We’ve got couple of 3D artist generalist including animation, writer & musician and our time zone for out members are GMT, PST & CST.

And for the other question our team leader would be best answering that and they’re happy to, here’s their discord - PhantomSloth#6918

You see thing is that you need to be precise, give all information needed beforehand, and then hope you get that coder interested. There is not time left to be comfortable with all that “i will tell you if you ask me dance”. I am trying to help, but you folks are running out of time.

I could be interested, but i doubt i have time needed for this, i have job that is taking 8 hours a day, then sleep (Also 8 hours) that does not leave much time for any jam stuff, coding whole game alone in 1 week and then fighting some obscure version control thing is impossible in 1 week ( i assume worst case scenario, because you did not give any real info here).

So give all information you can, and hope somebody will join.