Looking for programmer for 3D Brawler game

Hello, I’m currently looking for someone to program a sort of demo/alpha build of a 3D brawler game. We plan on putting the game up for full funding on kickstarter, so we need some sort
of demo to put on there for people to take it seriously.
The type of game play would be similar to

[MEDIA=youtube]6oRtMeRJcY0[/MEDIA] & [MEDIA=youtube]fuKcEC9QoQ0[/MEDIA]

If you have experience with this sort of game and would be interested, please email me at

You can be paid on delivery, or take a cut of the profits, or even a little of both.
If you need more details or any questions, please feel free to ask.

Your youtube Links seem to be misplaced I think you mean and

Are you handling the art yourself/internally or is that being outsourced as well?