Looking for programmer C++ to build Colony Building Game in UE4

Please contact me via email (preferable) and also send me PM (in case I miss the email).

Payment are done by PayPall only

Project Name
[SIZE=6]Lunar Colony[/SIZE]


Check out the project by opening this link

Here include some in game render of the game
a8f080a491beef12a80f3b75c25b38bc_original (1).png

Payment are given per feature build (negotiable via quote)

Feature to build

Additional feature will be required in future negotiation, the project will focus on it’s core features for now.

Requirement Skill

Able to use file sharing program such as perforce or other software (git, source tree, etc).
Able to create list of feature above
Tidy and neat (file management)
Other than that, as long your able to build the core feature, there is no other requirement.

Thanks for your time, hope to see some of you guys soon!