Looking for professional UE4 technical artist

We are looking for a highly talented and skilled 3D artist who has proven experience in creating 3D content for Unreal Engine 4.
Proven experience of working with Unreal Engine 4 editor.
Ability to create and refine high end materials both in 3D modelling programs and UE4 material editor is a must.
UE4 content portfolio is a must.Please don’t apply if you have none.
Solid experience with Autodesk 3D Studio Max.(Low-poly optimization,advanced materials,light/shadow baking)
Experience with ray-tracing quality content visualization in CAD programs is a must.
Familarty with ray tracer material system and rendering setup of plugins like VRAY,IRAY and / or others is a must.
Basic experience with Blueprints system - big advantage


Create,optimize 3D content for a product based on UE4 technology.(More detailed information will be provided upon NDA signing)

Please submit your CV along with portfolio to : info at kriosoftware dot com

Experienced UE4 Developer needed

We are looking for top notch game developer with solid experience of work with UnrealEngine 4.


  • Proven experience of developing gaming content for UE4
  • Solid experience with UE4 C++ API
  • Sold experience with UE4 blueprints scripting system.
  • Natural ability to learn fast and prototype.
  • Experience with other game engine like Unity or CryEngine - huge advantage.
  • Experience with Linux based OS - huge advantage.

Please submit your CV along with the list of UE4 project you have worked on to: info at kriosoftware dot com