Looking for people who would want to work on a Lego-like VR game

Hello there,

Like the title suggests, I am looking for people who’d be willing/ would want to work on a small-ish VR game with me.

The game would be heavily inspired by Lego, in that you could pick up and put together/take apart bricks/parts and create all sorts of cool stuff with them, create and share build-manuals for other players, and take photos of your creation. It would largely be a creative/laid-back experience, and the purpose of the game is to allow the player to retreat into a calm, relaxing environment where they can be creative, or relax while building along with some manuals (this would be done in a few preset environments (think a bedroom, a workshop, living room ect.). I was thinking to include everything about the Lego experience in that process, from unboxing the parts, opening the bags, planting stickers and flicking through manuals.

The Game would be free to play, with no monetization whatsoever. I know this might put some people off, but its the one thing I am not willing to budge on. If you would still be interested in helping out, Don’t hesitate to shoot me a message here, or on discord( stijnartsbb2#7304), or send me an email (

Here are a few positions we will need to complete the game:

  • Asset artists (for the parts/bricks, and environment assets, and probably creating the environments as well)
  • Programmers (for a physics based building-system, VR interactions, and net-code, possibly more, but I am not too knowledgable in this aspect)

Its not a long list, as this isn’t a very complex project. I will be contributing as an Asset Artist, as this is the role I have experience in. Game designers aren’t necessary for this game, but are still very welcome to join the team. It would also be recommended that you own a VR HMD, but its not required. I personally own a Rift S, so I can also help with any testing that might be necessary.

Thank you for reading this far, and I hope Ive sparked your interest!