Looking for people who can help me program [Unpaid]

eyoo, i’m currently working on replicating most of the character system from a very popular game called ratchet and clank. I’ve been working alone for like 2 years now, legit… And i really need someone to help me do some programming for so that i can work on some levels.for people that know about ratchet and their mechanics.

I have Walljump, double jump, gliding, wrench attacks and hyper strike with wrench throws. Weapon system with most weapons like Ryno 2, bomb glove and lancer etc… Ledge grab, somewhat swingshots, somewhat UI. And i lately implemented a little locomotion.

So please any people who can either program or make particle effects helps really. Sadly it’s unpaid, this is not going to be a marked game. But more like a template for people that would love to create their own Ratchet like game.

i wish i could show more screenshots, but i’m not on my pc :((