Looking for people to work on an arena stratergy game!

Format: PC
Profit will be split once game is released.

We are making a strategy combat game, in which the player earns gear, reputation, and money for their performance. Combat is slow paced. Every player’s loss is devastating to the progression of the game.

Project Title: Undecided (will be decided by the team)

In a fantasy world, wars are not fought by armies, but through the arena. The groups of fighters are referred to as delegations. This form of settling disputes, was introduced, after a 30 year total war wiped out a majority of the population. Many of the men and women fight for their leaders for fame and wealth. Others are slaves, prisoners, or debtors who are forced to fight, until they are able to buy their freedom. The story follows an arena fighter, who was taken prisoner by an opposing faction during the war. His goal is to fight until he can pay for his freedom. Being an accomplished war general, he has many allies in other factions (building blocks of the story).

Unique arena style gameplay
Immersive single player gameplay
Third person
PC orientated.

Team Name: Fat Cat Studios

Team Structure:
2x graphics artist
1 programmer
1 sound designer
1 level designer

Talent Required:
3D Artist (1)

Expected to create environment and GUI 

3D Character Artist

Expected to create, rig and animate player and npcs

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