Looking for people to make a new MMO

Hi all.
I’m Davide a 21 years old guy. I’m a C++/SQL developer and I’m trying to make a new videogame and I’m looking for a story writer and a graphic designer. I have a little idea on what about the game should be, I was thinking for a Sci-Fi MMORPG with multiple races and classes (obviously) with the possibility to switch planets etc.
I’m alone in this project and it’s new, I made first things in the game: started a third person example project and made a little program in C++ that make the server linked to a database and I made now a little login interface.
Now I need mainly one who can write a little draft for a story and to make the game title to start to take a website domain to add info about the project there.

Thanks you.
Skype: darkdevid961

Congratulations! Looks like you have the most complex part of it done and just need $30-40M to finish the easy part :slight_smile:

But seriously, an MMORPG is definitely not an easy feat, especially without any funding. I’d start with something much smaller and easier.

Can you people just stop with the “MMORPG” fantasy? It’s NOT GONNA HAPPEN, you need a very skilled team not jokers.

I have not any idea on what kind of game i could make

Just try creating something very simple and you will quickly get the idea of how hard making a real game product really is.

++1 to this.

Let me tell you story about some asteroids in an Asteroids game clone. We started that game because it looked like simplest possible game we can make and release. All was done to learn about whole process of releasing game on google and ios. Our first estimation was, about a month to code game, then week or two to release. And that silly game took us 7 months to release. Keyword here is “learn”, unless you exactly know what to do, do not expect to do anything in less than a week or so. So anybody making game for first time (or even game of some particular genre) need to learn and experiment, and this takes time. But back to asteroids. At some point i tried to make around 50 different models of asteroids. Well what can be hard about making rock in space? So i created some messy blob of polygons textured it, and put in game. All i got was ugly looking grey dot, it did not look like asteroid at all. So i googled for asteroid images and shapes, made one as good as i could. Result was again ugly grey dot. Because game was made for mobiles, so all fine details were lost and texture looked like pixelated grey mess. So i tried to make proper shader first, that means researching fake lighting models, vectors etc in material editor. Finally i got idea how asteroid for my game should be made. But making 40 of them would take me 2-3 days of boring labor. Next step was looking for tutorials and plugins (luckily there is plugin for making rocks). So after about a week of researching things I could make those 50 rocks in less that 4 hours. And I could write such story about every part of making that game. Literally every task on todo list took weeks instead of hours, because of “learning”.

So until you are EA and have whole Bioware behind you chances that you can make MMORPG in Your lifetime are low. And even for EA and bioware its not granted, just look at Mess Effect Andromeda.

There is also very serious risk when you are trying to make bigger game than you can. After 4 or so years your first models and textures will look outdated. You will play different mmo games while developing your game, so you get influenced by them, change focus and ways you want your game to work. Too long development will make your game look like Frankenstein of different quality and artstyles (artists will change or learn new skills etc), then your gameplay will look like you just cannot decide. So better try to make team willing to create tiny game in scifi setting and finish it in 2 years or so.

Ignore the naysayers.
People learn by doing.
Get started, keep at it, make the game you want to make.

Dont feed the troll

Hi Giridhar, I agree with Rhynedahll. I’ve seen his Dev Log YouTubes and he is doing what they say cannot be done…creating MMORPG. Even if you’re aiming for a modest server with 256 concurrent players, the game qualifies as a MMO. There are a few other Devs in the community creating World Server Management, Portal Systems, Microtransactions and others applications to facilitate a MMORPG. So I get it. You’re not making their MMO, you’re making your MMO.

Like you, my Dev Team is currently in need of input for story and design for our Apocalyptic Sci-Fantasy Multiplayer Action RPG. We’ve reached out to the Unreal Community here for any input. Perhaps You and I can discuss your game concept here or on Discord, to determine if there is an opportunity for collaboration. I specialize in UE4 Blueprints with some Web Dev experience. Our project is Blueprints-centric (with a substantial investment in Marketplace assets), however, there is a requirement of integrating C++ Plugins for HTTP/MySQL Communications.

Lets talk when convenient and see if we can assist each other in reaching our goals.

TechLord @

I’ve added you on skype.

If anyone is looking for a story writer for any projects I would be happy to try and lend a hand. MMOs are a big dream of mine too even though they are rather hard to accomplish.