Looking for people to help create a zombie game

I know your probably looking at this saying oh boy not another zombie game lol. I assure you this is not just another zombie game. First i would like to say that this is my very first game so i have absolutely no experience but i am learning bit by bit. I would like to meet like minded people who would be willing to join me in creating this game. I only have bits & pieces of this game & putting more in everyday. On to the game,

3rd person, action-adventure, survival horror
2 completely different story line paths with different enemies, skills & abilities
Skills & abilities grow with you the more you use them.
You have the power to create & control zombies.
You start before the zombie apocalypse

I’ll explain these
First you have 2 different story paths one being the zombie path & the other being the human path. The human path has zombies as enimies & that is the only path you are able to use weapon skills. The zombie path has humans as enimies & that is the path you are only able to use abilities but no human weapons.

The skills & abilities grow as you use them for instance when you first find a knife you can throw it but your chance of actually killing something with it is very small when you level it up you might unlock better accuracy which will increase not only your chance of actually effectively hitting a body part but the way you throw it will also slowly change. For the zombie side you will be able to change humans into zombies with bites. Each type of human has a different zombie transformation as well as different abilities you can use with them. You can command all zombies but some you can use more advanced commands while others you can only give basic commands to. The more you use a certain type of zombie the more exp you get for that zombie & they have a noticeable changes for certain skills.

You actually start before the zombie apocalypse, this isn’t one of those zombie games that you just jump into & see zombies. You actually have a story you play that leads you up to whichever decision you choose in the beginning but no matter the choice you will understand why he chose what he chose. One way or the other the zombie apocalypse is coming you choose wither you create it or fight it the choice is yours

There is so much more but if this has interested you even a little please feel free to reply.

Hey ill like to help just msg me :slight_smile: or email me at

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