looking for people that can make blueprints or game code and animations for a epic survival game.

hey guys, allow me to introduce myself, i’m Dutchie :wink:
25 years old.I am currently developing a online survival game, as of right now, i am doing this alone so i would love to have some help with this project.I have decent general knowledge of the basics needed for creating a game.I have some experience using maya for creating models, skeleton rigging, animating ( I might not be very good at animating but I at least know how to create the animations and export them into my engine lol)
i have the basic knowledge and skills for sculpting and painting textures using mudbox and photoshop.The things i enjoy the most are map design and making things looks awesome :slight_smile:

the games name is Thrive (for now, it may change in the future, who knows)
the concept of this game is pvp survival,base building/raiding and looting.

In the year of 2020, humans discovered that our planet is in a constant cycle with another planet that resets every 130 thousand years.every 130 thousand years, this cycle brings these two planets extremely close to each other, when this unknown planet gets close to earth, it effects our earths gravity, electromagnetic field and the earths rotation.This caused many ill effects to our planet, caused our oceans to rise over large portions of land, consuming entire countries, it caused our planets rotation to change, this lead to our north and south poles shifting along with drastically changing the climate of many areas on earth, for instance, caused NYC to become a tropical jungle climate, some deserts became rain forest’s ect. The earths magnetic field was nearly ripped away during the pole shift, this allowed massive amounts deadly cosmic rays and radiation to penetrate through the earths atmosphere, killing nearly all plant and animal life.Earth became nearly inhabitable, thus, most humans abandoned earth, fleeing into space for hoped of finding a new planet to inhabit.An handful of humans survived through it all by hiding in there underground bunkers.
the games world takes place on earth 5 years after a devastating natural disaster that forced the majority of the human race to leave the planet in search of a new planet to inhabit.
you play the role of the few humans who were either left behind or refused to leave the planet.

this game has only been in development for about a week now, there is still much to be done, as of right now, i have sculpted a 64x64 quads terrain, half of the terrain already has all its grass, trees, rocks and foliage.i have implemented a mannequin, the mannequin has many animations and now carries a rifle and can freely walk and look around the map.the gun blueprints are set to fire projectiles, so the gun can fire.the gun has no recoil animation or muzzle flash but i am adding that in very soon.sprint function is also on the way along with a reloading system and inventory system.iron sight aiming will be added soon too.

i am looking for anyone who is able to program all the things i make for the game.
mainly, i need someone who can set up loot spawns, day and night cycle, blueprints for linking animations and blend space animations together.
game ui, display huds, menus, multiplayer system ect.

i am still new to game creation but i am dedicated to learning everything i can.even if i do not find anyone to help me, this game will still reach my vision of what i want it to be, would be nice to have a bit of help though lol.i have many great ideas that will set this game apart from all other survival games, i have hundreds upon hundreds of hours playing all sorts of survival games, and to be honest, i am not impressed by none of them, i know i can do better, much better.i will not settle for a half *** game, its gonna be done right, thats all there is to it.

i plan to release the game on steam, either as a free to play with a cash shop that allows players to buy cosmetics items and other assets, but nothing that would impact pvp or anything, i will not have a pay to win game or a game that requires you to pay cash in order to fully experience everything the game has to offer.
or maybe scratch the idea of a cash shop and just make it a one time purchase.nothing is set in stone yet.
the pay will be royalties, how ever much revenue is earned from this game will be entirely split up evenly among all those who help create it.Untitled.jpg20c3d8dbc32223e1e7e181b9d5370422fed6a6be.jpegb1040d2c43573278aac9d6e9eb3d7d95e732bde6.jpeg676aa89b95594226cfa539c49cade1cf7696e8fa.jpeg